Nowadays, electricity has become one of the most important things in our daily life. 

However, the main source of our electricity still came from non-renewable energy. This has become a problem, since non-renewable energy sources such as coal power plants could leave a negative impact on the environment.

Sedekah Energi program, an initiative by MOSAIC (Muslim for Shared Actions on Climate Impact), aims to provide a solution to mosques to start using renewable energy; solar panels. Knowing the fact that the majority populations in Indonesia were muslim, conclude that muslims and mosques could be the pioneer to climate solutions.

Through Sedekah Energi, MOSAIC helped the installation of solar panels in two mosques: Al Ummah Al Islamiyyah Mosque (Lombok) and Al Muharram Mosque (Yogyakarta).

MOSAIC installed the first solar panels at Masjid Al Ummah Al Islamiyyah in Lombok back in March 2023. These solar panels produced 4.700 Wp energy and helped the energy usage for the mosque itself, water pump, and the street lights.

As for Al Muharram Mosque, MOSAIC gathered crowdfunding through the Kitabisa platform and received up to 85 million rupiah from more than 5 thousands donors. The solar panels were successfully installed in June, and officially launched in July 2023. It produced 4.360 Wp energy and helped Al Muharram mosque from rolling blackouts that happened often in their region.

Let’s accelerate the transition of renewable energy!